The Spong Mincer part 2

27 Dec

Well it has been some time since my last post. The reason being that I really wanted to continue with my Spong mincer theme but that has been tricky.

It has been difficult finding a recipe where the mincer really is the best tool for the job. Food processors do have the edge in so many ways and as I don’t eat meat the usefulness of the vintage piece of equipment seemed destined to be merely decorative.

Then, of course, Christmas came around again and mincemeat needed to be made. I seem to make mine in a slightly different way each year. I vary the spice blend or tinker with the amount of apple I put in. For the past few years I have dispensed with the idea of adding vegetable suet altogether and I have just added a little melted butter instead.

This year my attention turned to texture and I decided I wanted something a little smoother  than last year. Cue the mincer because I knew that the food processor would be too powerful and smash the mixture to a  pulp. I put about a third of the mincemeat through the mincer. It made light work of the dried fruits and roughly chopped apples. When mixed with the rest of the “unminced” mixture the overall texture was perfect for my liking.

So it seems I have a new Christmas tradition in my kitchen. My Spong mincer will be clamped to the worktop for a mincemeat making session once a year, at least. Which is exactly what my mother and grandmother used it for in the past. Sometimes it is hard to improve on a tried and tested method.






Adding the chopped apples

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