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Boozy Damson Chocolate Cake

Boozy Damson Chocolate Cake

I’ve been making Damson Vodka for the past few years.  Friends with Damson trees have been generous with the fruit in the Autumn and by Christmas the lovely warming, jewel coloured drink is ready to be bottled, given as a gift or drunk by me.

The first time I made Damson vodka I couldn’t think what to do with the fruit.  It had been pickled in the sugar and vodka mixture for two months and smelled delicious in the bottom of the jar. It was far too interesting to throw away,certainly.

Then I had the idea of combining it in a chocolate cake.

The fiddly job is to remove the stones from the damsons and then put the soft fruit in the base of a lined cake tin.

Spread the damsons out to completely cover the base.

Cover with your usual chocolate sponge mixture.

Once baked and cooled tip out the cake so the fruit is now on top.

I like to eat this with a splash of double cream or plain yogurt.

This cake is quickly becoming  a welcome Christmas tradition in my family alongside the vodka itself, of course!


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Bananas on the Barbecue

DSCF1185Apparently this is a staple of Scout camp cookery but I only stumbled upon this delicious dish in adulthood.

Leave the bananas in their skins and slit them along the length.
Push pieces of chocolate into the flesh and leave it to sit on the barbecue while you eat your main course. Chocolate buttons are ideal for this.

Once the skin is blackened the flesh will be beautifully soft and the flavour intensified. I like to serve it in a bowl with a little single cream. So easy and so delicious.

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Cherry Feta Bites

Juicy and Sweet

Juicy and Sweet

Cherry Feta Bites

Cherry Feta Bites

Cherry Feta Bites

If life delivers a bowl of cherries to your table then I would suggest that you sink your teeth into their luscious juiciness without the addition of other ingredients.

The other evening, however, I was nibbling a few cherries, an oatcake and some pecorino in a rather absentminded way. Suddenly I realised what a lovely combination cheese and cherries are together.

As I had some Feta cheese in the fridge I decided to experiment with its soft, salty texture and see how it worked with the sweet cherries.

This is what I came up with…….

Stone the cherries and use an apple corer to produce little cylinders of cheese. Cut the cheese cylinders in half and slide them into the centre of the cherry.

Pop into your mouth and enjoy the intense explosion of sweet, salty and creamy flavours.

This is the perfect nibble to have with a glass of something chilled on a warm evening.

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