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Greek Frappé

Nestle shaker

Nestlé shaker

Greek Frappe

Greek Frappé

Greek Frappé

The thing that nobody ever tells you about holidays is just how tiring they can be. I think, in my case, it is the heat which drains my spirit and stifles my natural curiosity.
Greek Frappé came to my rescue during a sizzling August tour of the classical sites in the Peloponnese. Somehow the third ruined temple of the day only became bearable after a roadside stop for a welcome Frappé Metrio ( medium sweet). The Greeks make this refreshing iced coffee with water, ice and sugar but back home I have developed my own version.
I love cold milk so this is the basis for my frappé. I add semi skimmed milk to my Nescafé shaker and a teaspoon of good old fashioned Camp coffee essence. This provides just the right hint of sweetness for my taste.

I fasten the lid, hold it tight and shake vigorously for a few moments. Then pour into a glass over ice cubes. It’s a fabulous and cooling mid morning pick me up.

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