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Fresh Raspberry Sponge Sandwich Cake

Fresh Raspberry Sponge Sandwich Cake

Fresh Raspberry Sponge Sandwich Cake

I came home the other evening to find we had been given a bowl of beautiful freshly picked raspberries. Now, I may be unusual but I don’t like eating these fruits raw, however, I was in the mood for cake baking. So I thought I would combine the two.

I whipped up a standard sponge mixture and lined two sponge sandwich tins with baking parchment. I dotted the raspberries around the base and spread the sponge mixture on top.

Once the sponges were baked and cooled I spread a thin layer of Scottish raspberry jam (with seeds) on one of the sponges and sandwiched them together. The finishing touch was a sprinkling of vanilla flavoured castor sugar.

I loved the taste. The tartness of the fruit is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the sponge, the jam and the sugar topping.


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Mini Scones

mini scones

scone dough

scone dough

I come from a long line of accomplished scone makers. Unfortunately, mine never really made the grade until I started using buttermilk as the wet ingredient and then ta -da success! Suddenly my scones were light and fluffy. Another family member creates the buttermilk effect by adding a dash of lemon juice to fresh milk before adding to the flour.

Before I gently roll out the dough I sprinkle the work surface with polenta or cornmeal. I enjoy the slightly gritty texture and it prevents the dough sticking more effectively than flour.

The scones I have made this week had a slightly nutty flavour because instead of using 8oz white SR flour I used 2oz of wholewheat flour and 6oz white SR flour.

My favourite filling for sweet scones at the moment is softly whipped double cream and raspberry jam. Later in the year when I have made some damson jam my scones will be filled with this and clotted cream.

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