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Fresh Raspberry Sponge Sandwich Cake

Fresh Raspberry Sponge Sandwich Cake

Fresh Raspberry Sponge Sandwich Cake

I came home the other evening to find we had been given a bowl of beautiful freshly picked raspberries. Now, I may be unusual but I don’t like eating these fruits raw, however, I was in the mood for cake baking. So I thought I would combine the two.

I whipped up a standard sponge mixture and lined two sponge sandwich tins with baking parchment. I dotted the raspberries around the base and spread the sponge mixture on top.

Once the sponges were baked and cooled I spread a thin layer of Scottish raspberry jam (with seeds) on one of the sponges and sandwiched them together. The finishing touch was a sprinkling of vanilla flavoured castor sugar.

I loved the taste. The tartness of the fruit is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the sponge, the jam and the sugar topping.


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